Logo du Groupe Lactalis

Nurturing the future

Since 1933,

we have chosen dairy products – the choice for the future.
From generation to generation, innovation after innovation, we have developed, perfected and shared the top-level expertise that has nurtured the world’s dairy traditions and brought them to life in every home.

Faced with increasingly acute demographic, health, and environmental challenges, we are convinced that dairy products have a major role to play in diets in the future.

Today, as the world leader and foremost experts in this field, we choose to nurture a responsible future by pledging to provide the best dairy products possible to support each and everyone’s growth, in partnership with local territories.

Serving people around the world

by guaranteeing consumers access to a variety of healthy, nutritious products of impeccable quality, whatever the countries in which we are based, whatever their needs and cultures.

Sharing flavors

by preserving culinary traditions, inventing new recipes to delight people of all ages, and constantly expanding our product range to meet changing and diverse needs and tastes.

Making a commitment to talented individuals

by championing excellence, training our employees, and giving them a sense of responsibility, so together we can build fulfilling individual and collective career paths to meet their aspirations.

Revitalising regions

by safeguarding our strong attachment to local production, preserving local know-how, and locating jobs in regions we are helping to develop.

Transforming ourselves

to ensure that our organizations, methods and tools are even more efficient and effective while limiting the impact of our operations to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Supporting our partners

in the transition to responsible livestock farming, by boosting their efficiency and respect for their natural environment and by promoting the attractiveness of their profession for current and future generations.

Being open and outward-looking

by listening carefully to the expectations of our stakeholders and all actors in the sector, ensuring that our door is open to dialogue, and, together, building paths for development and progress.