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Our Structure


The Lactalis Group is currently chaired and coordinated by Emmanuel Besnier, grandson of the company’s founder. The guiding principles of the Group’s governance are collective endeavour and a focus on the local level. 

Globally, Lactalis works to promote local cultures by prioritizing a community-led structure : its markets and products are tailored to each one. Lactalis manages over a hundred different brands with sourcing and manufacturing centred in dairy heartlands. In 2019, Lactalis adjusted its operational structure by major geographic area: 



Asia Océania Africa

France and Export

That operational structure is joined by a cross-functional structure including the Human Resources, Quality/CSR, Manufacturing, Legal, Corporate, Management Control, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Communications & External Relations and Regulatory Affairs Divisions. The Group’s international development potential remains high. Although the world number one, its share of the global market sits at 5% at a time when global demand for dairy products is growing. 

In January 2021, the decision-making bodies were restructured to respond to changes in our environment, with growing emphasis on the quality of our products and our stakeholders’ expectations in terms of social responsibility. The company’s leadership revolves around three decision-making bodies: the Executive Committee, Functional Management Committee and Operational Management Committee.