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Our dairy expertise


 For nearly ninety years, Lactalis has been bringing consumers its dairy and cheesemaking expertise to provide healthy, simple and delicious everyday staples that everyone can enjoy. Consumers’ expectations are changing increasingly rapidly whilst remaining centred on products that protect the environment and animal welfare. Products also need to match new on-the-go consumer behaviours and diverse profiles: large families… 

We are committed to the quality and safety of our products, and to maintaining their diversity, by safeguarding expertise and particularly PDO. Lactalis works tirelessly to develop its product portfolio, combining local traditions and innovations to meet ever more requirements. 

Our products are our best ambassadors and are developed from simple recipes. We strive to promote a healthy and sustainable diet. Since its original business line, cheese, the Group has developed additional activities in all dairy product categories, becoming a specialist in all dairy techniques.

Cheese: something for everyone 

 We made our first camembert in 1933. Lactalis now provides a wide product range, from the most traditional Protected Designations of Origin to the most universal. The leader in France, we showcase French gastronomy beyond the borders by exporting our expertise and products. We bring consumers an extensive selection of products that includes family favourites like highly sought-after camembert and mozzarella. 

Cheesemaking is the Group’s oldest and greatest expertise

Fluid milk: longstanding and recognized expertise 

Present in this category from the outset, the Group’s position has been progressively consolidated with its historic French brand Lactel. The Lactalis Group is also present globally in this market, particularly since the 2011 acquisition of Parmalat. 

 Lactalis matches its dairy expertise to consumers’ societal expectations. The Group invests in developing products that protect the environment and animal welfare, such as organic, GMO-free, grass-fed, goat’s or sheep’s milk. Lactalis also proposes innovations that make it possible to meet different consumer expectations: lactose-free, extra-creamy, calcium-rich milk. These innovations aim to satisfy all consumers. 

Fluid milk is Lactalis’s second business line

Chilled dairy products 

 Lactalis has increased its presence in the chilled dairy products market significantly since 2007, particularly through the joint venture with Nestlé in Europe. We now make and market brands of yogurts and dairy-based desserts. 

Lactalis is strongly committed to protecting and promoting ethnic products throughout the world, like Snezhok in Kazakhstan. We also develop products to meet new consumer trends focused on nutrition and naturalness, such as skyr.

Siggi’s is a brand of skyr, a thick, creamy and high-protein dairy product derived from the Icelandic tradition of simple recipes, less sugar and no sweeteners.


Butters and creams form a predominately European market as they are closely tied to dietary habits. This market covers fresh milk, fresh and UHT cream, cooking aids, butter and margarine. Its dynamism relies on promoting French expertise, but also on developing brands and local products throughout the world such as ghee, a clarified butter originally from India. 

SECRET DE CRÈME PRÉSIDENT has achieved the technical feat of combining UHT and fresh cream manufacturing processes to provide both convenience and indulgence. after trialling 300 recipes, the brand launched secret de crème in 2016, the first cream in long-life cartons with the authentic taste of fresh cream. the breakthrough innovation offers a unique selling point that is completely unrivalled in the UHT market.


The success of dining out of the home and outside france. 

Lactalis provides a comprehensive range of high-quality dairy products in individual portions for snacking or ingredients for cooking, with packaging tailored to the requirements of all catering and baking/patisserie users, enabling them to express their full creativity. 

The market leader in France, the Lactalis Group was one of the first dairy players to understand the opportunity provided by out-of-home dining. As early as the 1960s, Michel Besnier developed the idea of butter portions, which have remained an essential and powerful showcase for the company. 

Our development in this sector adapts to local consumer habits. In North America and Asia for example, meals are traditionally eaten out of the home. The Group brings the out-of-home dining business lines all its expertise and innovation. 



Lactalis provides a wide range of quality dairy ingredients, including powdered milk, lactose, whey, whey powder and milk protein. This extensive selection of dairy ingredients makes it possible to offer solutions for every application, whether dairy products, ice creams, chocolates or baking/patisserie products. 

Lactalis develops a range of ingredients that meet the nutritional requirements of every life stage. It includes lactose, demineralized whey and serum protein concentrates suitable for infant formula and baby food, contributing to their growth and healthy development. Lactalis also provides dairy proteins that combine nutritional and functional properties to help those consumers looking to improve their athletic performance and support their busy lifestyle. Dairy proteins are used for nutritional solutions to develop clinical applications. 


With the launch of the Santé Nutrition Monde Division (SANULAC), Lactalis made clear its ambition to provide long-term global investment in the nutrition business line. The result of merging all of the Group’s nutrition activities with Aspen child nutrition business lines, SANULAC builds on Lactalis’s structure and operations, the reputation of its local brands and its market knowledge. 

Lactalis provides a product range including: 

  • child nutrition: powdered milk, fluid milk, desserts

  • clinical nutrition: high-protein and high-calorie dairy products (milk drinks, desserts, etc.) for malnourished patients

  • sports nutrition: SANULAC powders, gels and recovery drinks maximize innovation and research to meet the requirements of local and international markets.