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Segmented milks

The different milk segments

An ethical and authentic approach

To meet consumers’ environmental and social expectations, Lactalis develops product ranges that address current concerns. Organic, GMO-free, grass-fed, goat’s or sheep’s milk that is respectful of the environment and animal welfare are just some of the innovations providing real added value in the fast-moving consumer goods market.


Organic Milk

The Lactalis Group collected 235 million litres of organic milk from 654 partner producers in 2021. The organic market is strained with switches to other types of milk. A nutrition plan targeting the organic sector has been implemented. 
– 654 organic producers to date
– 73 producers currently converting
– 235 million litres of organic milk collected by Lactalis in 2021
– 247 million litres of organic milk to be collected in 2022 (forecasts)


Goat’s milk

The Lactalis Group collects 96 million litres of goat’s milk from 350 partner producers. The collection of PDO milk represents a volume of six million litres used to make Banon and Rocamadour. Lactalis is developing caprine dairy production in all our collection areas. We work in partnership with producer organizations on transferring farms to the next generation, creating workshops and devising expansion projects that reflect reality on the ground.


Sheep’s milk

The Lactalis Group collects sheep’s milk from 1,500 partner breeders in France. The ovine dairy sector, primarily based in the mountainous region of the south of France (Occitania, Pyrenees, Corsica) has long been committed to several PDO specifications (Protected Designation of Origin), incorporating quality requirements such as the local origin of the milk, sheep grazing and GMO-free feed. 

Recognizing the growing environmental and social concerns, the Lactalis Group’s ovine business has incorporated ‘France Brebis Laitière’, which devised the France Sheep Charter with shared guidelines on breeding practices that respect the animals, nature and man.