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Our priorities

Delivering csr governance in close cooperation with the field

We decided to prioritize certain issues, without forgetting the others. Working groups and international multidisciplinary committees were formed. All 33 CSR priorities were allocated to one of them. Together, we develop our vision, policies and standard reporting methods, and propose commitments and timescales for the Group. The proposals are approved by a decision-making committee, then the Board and finally the Chairman. Throughout the process, the proposals are discussed within an international network of CSR representatives comprising some fifty in-house experts from all technical spheres. At Lactalis, CSR is everyone’s business: delivering our company mission responsibly.

A pragmatic CSR policy that inspires confidence and unites, but also attracts new talents, is built collectively. Over 300 in-house experts from across the globe and different business lines have contributed to developing our commitments. They have identified three areas representing our priorities: