Logo du Groupe Lactalis

More than products

Although quality nutrition is essential for what we do, we also have a firm belief: healthy eating cannot be sustained over the long term without enjoyment and interaction. Not everything happens on the plate: pleasure is just as important as nutrition. We are convinced, supported by science, of dairy products’ central place in regular meals within a balanced and varied diet. 

Our mission is to provide healthy, simple and delicious products that everyone can enjoy. Our commitment obviously focuses on the quality and safety of our products, but also on maintaining their diversity by protecting expertise, particularly PDO. We work tirelessly on our changing product portfolio, which combines local traditions and innovations, to meet ever more requirements. We endeavour to educate and inform consumers by bringing them clear, comprehensive and accurate information, and encourage responsible marketing practices. 



 Lactalis is the leading global player in PDO, with 38 designations around the world (France, Italy, Spain, Greece), including 28 in France. With our commitment to French and European PDO, the Group pledges to support, promote and create opportunities for these iconic products in their country of origin and internationally, including Normandy Camembert, Livarot, Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Parmigiano Reggiano, Feta and Queso Manchego. 

 The Group is also proud to develop, maintain and contribute to the transfer of dairy traditions and the diversity of local flavours. To give only a few examples: Lassi and Paneer de la mar que Prabhat in India; Ghee, Kefir and Labneh from Karoun Dairies, the Californian subsidiary manufacturing ethnic products; Kajmak and Ayran in Turkey, or Queijo Reino in Brazil.