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Social dialogue

The Group promotes a simple and local approach to social dialogue. We encourage all our HR teams locally to build and maintain constructive day-to-day relationships with staff and union representatives. 

In 2020, 21 experts were trained in our social dialogue policy ‘Lactalis Labour and Employees Relations Way’ in the aim of taking the training back to teams in their countries. A European social dialogue body was also introduced in the same year, including representatives of the fourteen European Union Member States where the Group operates. 

Lactalis works in a unique industry as the milk collected from partner farmers is received continuously, often seven days a week, dictating schedules for the company and its employees. Despite that common feature, employment regulations vary greatly between our different locations. To establish standardized labour relations within the Group, Lactalis has created training on our approach to social dialogue, the ‘Lactalis Labour and Employees Relations Way’, which we implement via local liaisons identified by their HR Managers. We prioritize constant, simple and personal dialogue with staff and union representatives. In 2021, 69% of the people identified were trained.